Chinese Language Resources

Here’s what I use for Chinese:

  • MDBG – This is the only online dictionary that I use anymore.  Search for words in hanzi, pinyin, english, or use handwriting input!  Click through to see stroke order, radicals and components, and to add a character to your Skritter.
  • Skritter – Handwriting practice software.  Awesome.
  • Pleco – smartphone app.  Search for words in hanzi, pinyin, English, handwriting input, or by pointing your phone’s camera at a character.  Dictionaries are off-line, so they’re available to you even when you’re off the grid.
  • Hanlexon – This site lets you create practice paper for specific characters; it includes pinyin and stroke order!
  • MandarinPoster – This site sells a big poster of 1500 hanzi and 華語 satchels.  It also has the following resources FREE:  radical sheet at a glance, radical scroll, radical database.
  • StudyMoreChinese – This site is kind of a forum for Chinese learning and learning materials.  Users post blogs, videos, photos, etc.  It’s kind of a treasure trove.
  • iCIBA – convert hanzi to pinyin
  • Google Pinyin – an pinyin input that will let you type in hanzi.  Ctrl+shift+T will toggle you between simplified and traditional characters.
  • Pinyinput – a keyboard IME that you install to your system.  Download, unzip, install (right-click and “run as administrator”… very important).  I sent mine to EN-(Australian), so it doesn’t mess with my numerous other keyboard IMEs.
  • Chinese Class – my YouTube Chinese music playlist
  • Language Guide’s Mandarin vocab page – a free mouse-over vocabulary page.
  • This site shows and describes the strokes, along with the stroke names in hanzi and pinyin!
  • Homemade hanzi practice paper (small)(large) – I made it myself, just the way I like it!
  • Short stories I’ve collected on PDF.  They’re Traditional Characters, annotated with 注音.  I read them on PDF so that I can enlarge the view.

Blogs I read:

  • iLearnMandarin – Skritter Jake holds court about his language learning experience in Taiwan.
  • Dear Dim Sum – carts over steaming hot little dishes of daily vocab.

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