day two of creamy goo. i squeezed it and put it b…

day two of creamy goo. i squeezed it and put it back in its crib.

so it’s finally time to institute the pope’s 2000 revision of the institutio generalis missalis romani. sure, abuse victims are committing suicide; our country is about to go to war; parishes are filled with real live sick people to pray for; there is still hunger in this world; yet our churches right now are working on . . . . you ready? . . . new rules about kneeling and bowing; new restrictions keeping the celebrant out of the congregation at the SIGN OF PEACE. i miss you, LS.

today, JF was wearing a “no iraq war” pin; the girl at cucina presto tried to start an arguement with her, saying ‘we’re going to save the iraqi people.’ we have been starving them and letting them die for over a decade now. i hate cucina cucina; i hate the eastside. i was sure they were going to spit in our food, but then we saw that all the cooks were latinos and realized we didn’t have to worry.

went to a ‘debut’ party for manny’s. it was fun. i was surprised that he was asian; i said, ‘are there asian brewmasters?’ he said that yah, he was paving the way for all of us. it was a great asian american moment.

tried to teach ‘pange lingua gloriosi’ today. not enough people show up to rehearsal for us to change gears like that. we’ll see. tomorrow is junior snow day.

it is thursday night and i didn’t so much as lift my pen to grade. grading will take up my entire weekend.

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