day five of creamy goo. i will let some air out t…

day five of creamy goo. i will let some air out today. tomorrow is day six; i will feed it a cup of flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of milk. i better go to the store.

went to breakfast at julia’s for breakfast. heard the lastest news about A, who is not living in reality. got news for you, sweetheart; love will not save the day. you are two steps to being totally screwed over. if you really want to make your own decisions, you better start making your own money.

went to dinner with H at fisherman’s; ordered the salmon feast. it’s a good deal on paper, but the soup was blah, the salad was blah. the bread and the shellfish were good, the salmon was lovely (H thought it was overcooked). why do people serve dinner in the dark? there is nothing intimate or romantic about eating food you can’t see.

speaking of not being able to see, i decided to wear my contacts today for the first time in hella. then i left my glasses in the car. so i guess i’ve decided that tomorrow is a contact lens day.

i didn’t get any of my ‘to dos’ done today, but i got my bills paid. ray allen is lighting it up. ok, time to peel the plastic out of my eyes.

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