Masarap! Roast eggplant with tomatoes

I’m blogging instead of grading or exercizing.

So I bought some chinese eggplant, chunked them into three and then sliced each chunk in half the long way. I layed them cut side up onto an aluminum foil lined broiler pan. Then I brushed on some olive oil, but it soaked it up so fast, I ended up drizzling it on straight from the bottle. Handfull of fleur de sel, some cracked pepper, threw it in the oven for half an hour.

After that, I threw them into a tupperware and then stabbed at them with some kitchen shears. Mixed in some chopped tomatoes. Auntie R uses patis, which is that salty fish sauce, but I think I got it covered with fleur de sel.

Eat it with rice and those vinagrey pork chops. It’s not something you’d serve to guests, unless they’re the kind of guests who swear a lot and who wear the same clothes on consecutive days. You know, the kind of guests you want with you in a fight. That’s the kind of people who’d like roast eggplant and tomatoes.

Buy a lot of eggplants, because they really cook down. Also, make sure to use the chinese eggplants, so you don’t have to peel them.

Ok, time to go to bed. Nothing accomplished tonight but blogging.

3 thoughts on “Masarap! Roast eggplant with tomatoes

  1. Found your blog by accident, from Delicious Biting. Just had to comment, cause I love eggplants too, and I just had some yesterday. I love it with tomato and patis like your auntie 🙂


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