Ay, Sticky Vagina!

I don’t know how knowing how to say this expression in Tagalog is going to improve your lives. It’s Auntie A who says it, and we love her for it, but it’s not something that naturally sneaks into your vocabulary.

Anyway, by popular demand….

When Auntie A drops something, she exclaims “Ay! Puki malakit!”


Update: We have always said that Auntie A is the only one that says this. She is Tagalog and Kapampangan, and we love her. We can’t claim it’s a Filipino thing, or Tagalog thing, just an Auntie A thing. However, its a phenomenon that could only happen in a vaginocentric culture.

Update Number 2: My mama wrote in with a correction; she claims Auntie A says “Ay, puking malaki!” which a) is absolutley not what I remember, and b) not “sticky vagina” but “huge vagina.” Sheesh, I hope this thread dies down soon.

Update Number 3: I’ve posted some corrections over at BitchPhd. Hopefully, that’s the final word.

6 thoughts on “Ay, Sticky Vagina!

  1. where’s the emphasis?

    ‘ay! poohKEE malaKIT!’
    ‘ay! POOHkee MAlaKIT!’
    ‘ay! POOHkee malaKIT!’

    (and you knew my mom named our first dog Malakit, right?)


  2. I love that your dog was named Malakit. Your mama was funny!

    Stress in Tagalog is lexical:




    But when you say it all together, you get AY! pukimalaKET!


  3. which word means “vagina” and which word means “sticky”? (ie, is Tagalog an adjective-before-the-noun language or an adjective-after-the-noun language?)


  4. Here is the correct way: Malaki (big, large, humongous!) instead of Malagkit. Malagkit means sticky, as in sweet rice. So when you say puki malagkit, you’re saying sweet, sticky puki. “Ay, puking malaki!”


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