Foot Massage Day

This is the place we went to get food massages. If you ever go to China, GET A FOOT MASSAGE. Our massages included soaking feet in hot tea, arm rubs, hand rubs, back rubs, bag of hot rocks rub, cup of cold refreshing tea. WORTH IT.

I forgot the name of this street, but it’s the upscale shopping drag with local items.

Around the corner and down the street from the shopping drag, we found a Muslim restaurant. Fried mutton, lamb bbq, beef with ampalaya, some beef and fried bread, some sesame bread, and some broccoli with a bunch of garlic. Oh, and a nice clear tomato egg drop soup. Yum! Go Muslims!

4 thoughts on “Foot Massage Day

  1. Looks like those cone-shaped hats were made for decoration. In Ilocano & Pangasinan, those hats are called “tacoco”. You will remember it if you think “my taco”


  2. Eat ampalaya. It’s a wonder vegie that the west has yet to discover its preventive and medicinal uses for the body.


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