Quite a Day

So when I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, I checked my fasting blood sugar:  89.  Sweet!  I had a sausage, two scrambled eggs, and a rasberry yogurt for breakfast. 

I spent the rest of the morning working on this blog, as well as my own private site, which is really just a bunch of links, just in case I’m stuck at an internet cafe somewhere and I don’t have my bookmarks.  Later, I called up H and we went to dim sum at Jade Garden, the reigning champion of dim sum in Seattle.  There used to be many quality places, but besides Jade Garden, the top notch places are not-so-top-notch anymore.  

Afterwards, we went to see cowsin C and M’s new place, and it is awesome.  Just off California Ave in West Seattle, the place is big and spacious and 1912-charming.  I found myself parked on the front porch, watching the weather change from sun to rain to sun again.  There is hardly any traffic on her tree-lined street. 

I weighed myself on her bathroom scale.  If it is to be believed, I have lost 35 pounds since my last doctor’s appointment.  My diet and exercise program was simple:  two eggs in the morning, walk to class, walk to lunch, eat Chinese food, walk up four flights back to my room in the afternoon and sit in my air conditioned room until dinner, eat Chinese food, and then walk somewhere to study and back.  Tai Chi Chuan twice a week.  35 pounds in six weeks.  I wish I had weighed myself right when I got back, so I could know how much I’ve gained back in the last six days. 

We had dinner at Kokoras Greek Grill, which was so good it nearly brought a tear to my eye.  We got the grilled meat platter, a small fries, a tomato/cucumber/feta salad, five small greek salads, and one piece of baklava; we split it all four ways, and couldn’t finish all the meat.  My nutritionist can go jump in a lake. 

One thought on “Quite a Day

  1. i went down a couple sizes when i started walking the few short blocks to my office from my bus stop.
    oh, and i stopped eating really big corner bakery sandwiches during my lunch hour. amazing what just a little daily effort will do.

    but then i stopped eating so much my iron plummeted and now i’m having to swallow a big iron pill every day.

    but yay on the 35 pounds!


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