Maybe I could rent it out…

If you felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, that was the consciousness of the morning glory I just ripped out of my front porch area.  If you actually heard screams, those were the nice mexican kids across the alley who were subjected to the sight of my butt-crack again and again as I squatted and crabwalked with rolls of ivy in my gloved hands. 

And then, when disposing of the ivy (it filled a whole yard waste bag) I ran into N, who suggested that I rent my place out rather than sell it.  Everybody, EVERYBODY starts pouting when I tell them I’m going to sell, because of the market, because of me leaving, because I stand to make a lot of money if I hold on to this place. 

But I always said, no; I have to sell, I need the money to move, to pay off my debts; I need a clean break…. but now, finally now I’m not so sure.  I just might rent it out. 

If I sell, I would take all my money out and pay my debts, boost my retirement, and start investing.  I would have plenty of money to get settled in Shanghai.  I wouldn’t worry about the mortgage, the taxes, the upkeep. 

If I rent it out, I would ask for first and last month’s rent, I would use the first month’s rent to pay the mortgage, and the last month’s rent to pay my own rent in Shanghai.  It could work; but money would be tight for me in my first month in Shanghai, before I get paid. 


I can’t figure out how to post a poll on this platform, so if you have suggestions, please use the comments section. In lieu of a poll, here’s a picture of me and E on the boat to Nanji Island.  Arr! 

2 thoughts on “Maybe I could rent it out…

  1. The one downside of renting it out isn’t money; it’s being a long-distance landlord. Unless you’re willing to hire a property manager, or if you *really really really* trust your sister, I’d sell it.

    Also, you should tell the nice Mexican kids across the way that your buttcrack is as clean as a whistle.


  2. Second that. Long distance landlording can lose you some serious equity unless you’ve got someone nearby to keep an eye on things and find you good renters. Even if you have a relative do it, negotiate what you think is a fair time/month commitment from them, and _pay_ them something you agree is fair. Be prepared to have them quit, and have a backup plan/manager. Otherwise, I love the idea of you holding on to your place and making big bucks sometime down the road!


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