Notes in the key of Sunday

A year ago, I wrote about my brainstorm: bluetooth wireless keyboard pants, with crotch mouse.  Why hasn’t it happened yet, internet? 

My sister pointed out to me that I have six weeks in Seattle; about the same amount of time I had in Hangzhou.  My cowsin and sister were encouraging me to list my stuff on now now now, and they’re right.  I’ll do it this week.  Here’s why I’m pouting about it:  I really want to savor my last few moments of the American dream before I’m off to China.  I want to live here and enjoy it.  Also, I hate haggling over prices.   Guess it’s time to get over it! 

I actually have to raise money somehow for October expenses.  Hmm.

I found out that the guy living down the hall from me for the last six weeks in Hangzhou is totally from Olympia, and knows my genius cowsin J. 

I’m going to go to the bookstore and buy a guidebook.  Also, among the other things I have to accomplish, I have to find out if I can get size 47 Ecco shoes in Shanghai.  I also have to drill a few new holes in my enormous belt. 

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