A Mole on the Bottom of My Foot

Filipino superstition holds that moles predict the life of a newborn baby.  A mole on your forehead indicates intelligence; one on your shoulder indicates burden; one on your hand makes you, what, handy?  I don’t remember. 

For better or for worse, I was born with a mole on the bottom of my food, indicating travel. 

I guess I’ve been a lot of places so far; my new job in Shanghai is going to put me in spitting distance of a whole new set of destinations.  I need to go get a guidebook; I don’t know anything about traveling in Asia. 

Here’s where that mole on my foot has taken me: 

  • Olympia, Washington (born/grew up)
  • Seattle, Washington (College/work)
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan (Grad School)
  • Family vacations:  San Francisco, LA, Vancouver, Winnepeg, Manila, Sto. Tomás
  • Study Abroad:  Avignon, France; Rome, Italy; Antigua, Guatemala; Hangzhou, China
  • Conferences:  Girona, Spain; Baltimore
  • Personal Travel:  Paris, Nice, Florence, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Shanghai, Bordeaux, El Salvador, Washington D.C., Denver
  • With students:  Libourne, México DF, Cuernavaca, Taxco, Acapulco

My Asian tour will include more of the Philippines, Korea, maybe Japan (expensive!).  I’d like to go to India, but I am afraid it will change me into a prophet.  I’m also interested in South Africa, Morrocco and Tunesia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and I’m always up for seeing Europe (expensive!) .  I’d love to see Brazil and Argentina, and the Carribean if I can stand the heat.  Someday, Cuba. 

3 thoughts on “A Mole on the Bottom of My Foot

  1. I have something to share here. I have a mole in my back which they are saying that “habulin daw nga mga lalake” I don’t really believe it ’til now, but in my experience it is really happend. Coz in my previous relationship they’re really bugging me after our break-ups, hinahabol talaga nila ako and they want me back! And I am not kidding or lying, that is TRUE! Infact I am happily married now and one of my bf before never stop sending me message coz he still want me back! I dont really know if I should believe that saying. I just dont know. 😉


  2. My dear frnd,
    I am from india and what fear you show is wrong .here in india every thing is so good so if u wanna visit india you can come freely without any hesitation.
    also here in india all indians like people from abroab v. much so dont worry..

    Have a happy life…

    vikas meena


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