A’s South Seattle Day

So A an I spent a day in South Seattle,, which she is not that familiar with. 

Of course, in the morning I was extolling the virtues of South Seattle, and gently scolding her for being one of those North Seattle people who don’t know the wonders of the city south of the Cut (here’s some history).  She was telling me about how she might buy a condo in North Seattle, which earned a giant SNOOOOOOORREEE from me.  Then the news came in about the fatality shooting only steps from my house, and she said she’d rather get snored at than shot at.  Fair enough, but I’ve been here for years and never been shot at. 

We walked to Da Pino and had some sandwiches on those Vietnamese-made mini-baguettes, walked back to my place and looked at Facebook.  We went to Georgetown and walked up and down noisey Airport Way, stopping in at All City Coffee for some iced tea.  We drove by an awesome looking house for sale, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath for $389,000.  Georgetown is nice and flat, and it’s not as remote as West Seattle or Ballard, but the freeway and Airport Way are noisy, not to mention air traffic from Boeing Field. 

We drove around the corner and found Hat and Boots at Oxbow Park.  I kicked myself for not bringing my camera.  We looked at other people’s tomatoes growing in the pea patch.  Then we took a quick driving tour of the South Park neighborhood. 

Afterward, we went to McPhearson’s on Beacon Hill to buy tomatoes, but we didn’t find any organic, so we moved on.  Stopped at the taco bus and ordered one mulita each.  Delicous!  Then we went to PCC, bought some tomatoes, came back to my place to chill.

After that, we went to P’s place in Leshi and talked about Italy.  P made a delicous dish of brown rice, lentils, and carmalized onions, garnished with diced cucumber, grape tomatoes, and cilantro.  In the cookbook, it looked like a Tuesday night dish, but in my mouth, it tasted like a Sunday night dish.

So South Seattle Day was great. We didn’t make it to Seward Park or PFI as we had planned, but that just means we’ll have to have another South Seattle day.

One thought on “A’s South Seattle Day

  1. I would say that I have to come visit you in Seattle before I got into the swing of things here at school, but alas, I cannot.

    Guess I’ll just have to see you in China then.


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