Chopstick Technique

So here’s a dorky video about chopstick technique.  You’ll probably try my technique for a minute, decide that *it’s* awkward, and then give up. 

That’s fine!  You can hold your chopsticks however you want.  It’s not a big deal. But if you *ask* me if you’re holding them wrong, I will tell you. 

Listen, if you’re a fork and knife person, that’s fine.   We, the people of Asian heritage are over it.  You don’t have to make a big deal over asking for a fork.  Just ask for one, and then eat your food.   

UPDATE:  My friend Dr. B has tells me her friends actually told her that “pinching” is the correct method in Japan, which is total crap.   I went to all kinds of Japanese ettiquete websites, and saw that they ALL use the same method as me, NONE of them are ‘pinchers.’ 

While on this quest to validate my two-finger method, I found this site about the environmental impact of disposable chopsticsI am totally going to start bringing my own! 

UPDATE v2.0:  So a simple search on turns up a bunch of different how-to videos on chopstick use.  There are a lot of people who don’t use chopsticks a lot, and surprise, they are pinchers.  However, there are also a lot of Asians and Asian Americans who do use chopsticks a lot, as well as people who have spent time in Asia, they ALL use the two-fingers-on-the-top-stick method that I tell you in my video.  Do you get it yet?  Pinching is WRONG.

But go ahead and pinch, if it makes you happy. 

If you haven’t already, check out the Japanese Culture Lab’s chopstick video.  Of course, it’s hillarious, but also notice that they use the two-fingers-on-the-top-stick method, and also they PICK UP THE RICE BOWL.  PHYSICALLY.  OFF THE TABLE.  WITH THEIR HAND.  Enjoy! 

3 thoughts on “Chopstick Technique

  1. JP, do you know that when I guest-blogged for Dr. B last summer, I mentioned that my kid loves these plastic clothespin-style chopsticks? One of the commenters reamed me out for using plastic instead of wooden chopsticks. I think she was recommending reusable wooden ones, but really, ya can’t win. Plastic comes from petroleum, whereas the wooden ones are destroying forests. At least I can wash and reuse the plastic ones again and again.


  2. Oh, you can win, it’s just that some people are crazy.

    Does your commenter use bamboo fork and knife when eating, or steel that’s mined and smelted?

    What crap.


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