Great Day

You know it’s going to be great when you start the day by teasing your Chinese friend about Taiwan.  There’s not really much behind their argument besides nationalistic pride, but they really, really believe it.  The game is to try not to be too mean about it. 

I already wrote about the Kawali Grill, that was a fun breakfast.  The longganisa was grilled, which was nice, but I am pretty sure it was pre-cooked before it was grilled…. I could tell because it wasn’t that juicy.  But it was still good, and they gave me a piece of ube candy with my bill.  I told the lady, I’m not supposed to eat it, I have diabetes!  She said, mmm, just taste it.  It was delicious, so I ate the whole thing. 

I heard from both C and E today, which just really makes me happy.  God bless the internet; it’s so much harder for my far-away friends to feed my fears of abandonment.  I miss hanging out with those guys every day, and my roommate X of course.  So it’s awesome to hear from them, every time. 

And then I went to see STEVIE WONDER!  STEEEEEVIIEEEEE WOOOOONNNDEEERRR!!   The most talented American alive.  A and I drove out to the Chateau Ste. Michelle, bought wine… I had one of her crazy brownies while standing in line.  Once we got our seats on the lawn, ate from our picnic baskets, drank wine….

And then STEVIE WONDER started playing music, and it was awesome.  He started with “Love’s In Need,” and then played a set of some of the more technically challenging songs, with the crazy chords, the crazy time signatures, the crazy rhythms…. Later he moved on to the greatest hits, and it was awesome.  AWESOME.  The sound was amazing, I heard every instrument, not too loud; party because it was outdoors, partly because Stevie Wonder has the best sound engineers. 

I could probably write a better review, but I’m exhausted.  I danced all night at the concert, so I didn’t mind eating another brownie, as well as some lemon cake. 

So good.  What a great day…..

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