BSG: Mei banfa

So I saw the news on Galactica Watercooler:  NBC Universal and Apple are involved in a corporate pissing match over downloadable tv progrmming via iTunes.  Cut to the chase:  we won’t be able to download the last season of Battlestar Galactica. 

Battlestar Galactica is the one tv series that I watch; I was planning on downloading it when I move to China, since I won’t be able to watch the broadcast.  In fact I still am planning to download it in China; only now, it’s going to be a lot less legal.  And NBC is not going to get my $1.99. 

没办法。 我就是盗版者。 Arrrrr! 

2 thoughts on “BSG: Mei banfa

  1. Battlestar Craptastica is not worth paying for. It’s barely worth the virus you’ll get Torrenting it! Too much drama; no enough space dogfighting. Ahahahahahaha. Buy the original series on DVD. ;0)

    btw – My dad says hi.


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