Dear Good People of Iran,

So I just read a rumor that my country is going to attack yours (thanks BitchPhD).  I want to apologize in advance for all the suffering and death that the attack, invasion, and (please, God, no) subsequent occupation is going to cause both of our nations.  I am so sorry that the American people stupidly voted for this asshole, George Bush, twice.  His presidency is a mockery of our heritiage and tradition, and I can only say that I am deeply embarassed. 

It could be that he is actually so stupid to believe that he is helping your country by attacking you; in fact I believe that he is that stupid.  However I think the real reason that Bush’s masters are pushing him to attack is that is their last ditch effort to scare the American people into voting for another Republican as president.   

I want you to know that I hold the Bush administration in utter contempt, and that I will take to the streets in my last few weeks in America to protest our government’s continuing violence.  I only hope that we will be well organized and that other Americans with a conscience will throw off their complancency and find a way to remove this ignorant piece of shit president from office before he issues the order to attack.

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