Breakfast at Kawali Grill

Longsilog with garlic rice and a cup of tea. It was good! The longganisa was grilled… does that mean it was precooked? When I make garlic rice, I use salt, so it’s not so brown. I wish there were diced tomatoes.

But it was good! And the people were super nice of course, especially Gerald, the chef.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast at Kawali Grill

  1. I like brown too, but to us, brown garlic rice means they used soy sauce instead of salt. Because soy sauce is liquid, it doesn’t allow the rice to crisp.

    Crisp rice is the key: all the asian languages have a specific word for it. To crisp your rice, you just let it sit in the pan until it creates a not-quite-burnt crust on the bottom. This is hard to do unless you have cast iron. Then, when you’re about to serve it, you scrape it up and mix it in with the soft rice.

    It’s mmm so good.


  2. Wahooooo!!! i am glad to have found a Filipino restaurant over at Seattle,WA — that has very good reviews!!! — will be visiting Seattle end of Nov to early Dec! — and i plan to introduce my friend to my native foodie!!! =D


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