It’s a Learnin’ Strategy!

So I’m stil figuring out how to edit and put titles on a video.  Here’s my latest “piece,” it’s about how to learn foreign language vocabulary.  You’re not going to like it, because the answer is not “memorize a list” or “drill yourself with flashcards.” 

If you don’t want to go and watch the video, here’s the punchline:  the best way to learn vocabulary is to (gasp) go out into the world and use the vocab in real communication.  Yes.  If you want to remember something forever, make an embarassing mistake.  I guarantee it will stick in your head longer than any flashcard. 

E once called this phenomena “idiot-learned” vocabulary.  His English was recuperating from our 6-week language pledge at the time, so the construction “idiot-learned” makes more sense in Chinese.  But I like the way it sounds in English as well, there’s a certain charm to it. 

If there are any videos you’d like me to make, please use the comments or send me an email. 

UPDATE:  yah, the ending is a little screwed up.  I cut it off too early, so you don’t get to hear me say, “go for it.  Ok, that’s it.  Hope you enjoyed the vocab video!” 

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