My Own Private Glossary

Soon, I’ll be in China, speaking English to English speakers who haven’t had the benefit of growing up in Western Washington.  They won’t understand me.  Here’s a glossary:

  • to be slammed–v/ to be extremely busy
  • to live–v/ to be saved under in a computer (e.g., where does that file live?); also, to belong (e.g., my stapler doesn’t live on your desk, chuck)
  • to gift something–v/ to give for free (that’s your pencil now; I gifted it to you)
  • post-something–adj prefix/ tired of (e.g., I am so post-Thai food)
  • to dog–v/ to avoid
  • to flake–v/ to back out of an appointment. Also, n/:  someone who flakes.  (e.g., he is a big fat flake.)
  • to ditch–v/ to leave without saying goodbye, esp. when done on purpose
  • to rekkinize
  • chump–n/ someone who does not realize they have been decieved
  • tourist water–n/ a 16oz bottle of water
  • bones–n/ units of currency (e.g., for four bones, that latte better dance in my lap!)
  • dude–n/ a male, a guy
  • sexy–adj/ attractive, stylish (e.g., why is your cell phone so sexy?)
  • to have a cigarette–v/ to take a short break
  • clutch–adj/ excellent, on time, just what was needed
  • lame–adj/ bad, tiresome
  • sweet–int/ excellent
  • bomb–adj/delicious

English that I will never, never say: 

  • fishmonger
  • to go ballistic
  • been there, done that
  • what’s up? in any form, especially ‘sup!? or ‘sup, dude!?


  • nice–e.g., dicen que va a hacer muy nice mañana; esa no es tan nice que digamos
  • tricky–e.g., déjame explicártelo, que puede ser muy tricky
  • cheesy–e.g., apaga la radio, esa música es muy cheesy

to be updated later….

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