Material Posessions

I am trying to sell it all:  book cases, shelves, kitchen, dining, all of it!  Who wants it? 

I’ve got a 5 octave Alesis keyboard, I’ll send you home with the whole kit (pedal, external speakers, x-stand) for $250.

I’ve got a big webber charcoal bbq that’s got to go, $20.

Ikea:  queen-sized Malm bed (beech finish), 2 Malm dressers, and many, many Billy bookshelves, both 8 feet and 4 feet. 

Dining table, acoustic guitar with electronics, electric guitar with wa and acoustifier, bass, drum machine… who wants this stuff? 

There will be a moving sale not next weekend, but the next; it all needs to go, go, go! 

I would post pictures (here and on Craigslist) but I can’t find my camera!  grr!!  I’m using my sister’s camera today, so pictures soon. 

Please come over, offer me money for my stuff! 

UPDATE:  The first round of photos is online

3 thoughts on “Material Posessions

  1. Come and have lunch at the turo-turo with me jp! I would love to have Filipino in Seattle with you, however the last time I was there you were in freaking China! And now you are moving there. Hmmph. Oh well, I will be visiting your hometown a lot more often as my mama is probably going to move there! Hooray!


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