I just sold this chair for $35.  My roommate cursed it to me after he got married, I think for a few bucks, along with a couch (long broken) and a tv that works just fine, but is obsolete. 

I did a lot of laundry today, and (gasp!) folded it!  Ah yes, now that it’s time to sell my dressers, I’m folding my cloths and putting them in the dressers.  Tomorrow someone will come by and buy them; I’ll take my folded clothes out and put them on the floor. 

I’m watching Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain pretending to have chemistry.  Zimmern can eat worms, rotted meat, all kinds of ridiculous things, but he can’t eat cheese ice cream in a sandwich bun, or durian, fresh or frozen.  This is why I hate him. 

3 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. You are so lucky. The day that new Bourdain’s were starting again stupid Time Warner Cable switched Travel to some idiot station that specializes in Sabrina the Teenage Witch re-runs. gah!


  2. I hate Andrew Zimmern for being racist and for not even bothering to learn how to pronounce “tagalog”.

    And I’m going to Uwajimaya next chance I get to buy some taro ice cream, cheese ice cream, and hamburger buns.


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