You Need To Know: Bubble Tea

Go ahead and consult your Asian and Asian American friends about bubble tea first; if you have none, or are too embarassed to ask, then God bless you.  Here’s the wikipedia link

We call it “bubble tea” in Seattle; my friends in LA call it “boba,” which is the Korean pronunciation. 

The tapioca pearls should NOT be chewy or gummy.  If they are chewy or gummy, stop going to that place, it means that the pearls are not being made fresh every day.  Fresh pearls are soft. 

If you are one of those people that chokes on the pearls, here’s a hint:  stop sucking down the bubble tea directly to the back of your throat.  Seriously.  Sometimes, when we get together and we talk about, well, you people… we talk about how you don’t have the sense to suck the liquid into the front of your mouth onto your tongue, instead of directly to the back of your throats.  I mean, don’t you want to taste the delicous tapioca pearls on your tongue?  Do you WANT to choke yourself? 

Whatever.  Tapioca pearls are so passe.  Now we order jellies. 

Well, I don’t order anything anymore, because of diabetes. 

Anyway, here’s what you really need to know:  the tapioca pearls are always fresh at Honeymoon in the Uwajimaya food court.  And although the fruit flavors are tempting, the classic is the plain honeymoon milk tea, with tapioca pearls. 

Ok, you should also try taro. 

But if you’re going to Honeymoon, and you don’t mind dropping $4, they’ll make you a milkshake out of their mexican chocolate ice cream.  Best.  Milkshake. Ever. 

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