You know what I hate?

I hate when a DJ is beatmaching but doesn’t know anything about harmonics, so s/he mashes songs in totally different keys.  It’s not music, children, it’s noise.  It’s not tasty, it’s stank.  Do your homework, jackass, some songs cannot be mashed together, so learn how to make a segue.  Fer realz. 

I’m sure I told this story many times already, but I was walking down the street in Wenzhou, and the staff of one happy clothing store all came out to the street and clapped to their techno music, and they were ALL OFF BEAT. 

I told X that I was ashamed of them, that they didn’t know music, and that I wouldn’t go into a store where nobody has rhythm.  I think he thought I was exaggerating. 

Please, please, please make your children study music, foks, make them be in a marching band or do some kind of activity where they have to internalize a beat and listen to other people. 

CLARIFICATION:  My cowsin DJ I is great, and so are his friends, because they have an ear for music.  The DJ that got on my nerves was on the radio. 

Who cares that you can beatmatch when the songs are not in the same key?  It just sounds like you’re playing two songs at once. 

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