I have many stories to tell about the whole moving process, but I’ll save them for later.  Or never.  Right now I just want to say that I sold my rice cooker, my dining table, my bed, all my televisions; you know, the things that make a house a home. 

So now I have a clock radio that’s unplugged, because I was trying to sell it…. that and the internet.  And with no tv, that’s about all that’s distracting me from my own dark thoughts.  With no bed, I’m sleeping on a couch, which is a nice couch to sleep on, but honestly, is still a better couch than a bed.  I feel like I’m crashing at somebody’s place… only it’s my place….

I went to Fred Meyer after mass today to find some tough crates, but I hated everything they had.  The crates they had were all either too big, too small, too flimsy, or too over-priced because they’re bright orange (yes, it’s already Halloween ‘season’).  So I left without crates. 

Tomorrow is all about sorting through my belongings and getting it all in order so I can start showing the place. 

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