One day more!

So I sold my filing cabinet while my files were still in it.  In order to get it out the door, I took everything out and put it all on the floor.  Same with a bookshelf, and a fold-up guest bed that was serving as a junk rest. 

So now my office/guest room is filled with stuff to sort through.  Some of it will be carefully filed for easy access; other stuff will be put into storage (not much!).  Other stuff will be sold at next Saturday’s moving sale, and the rest will be thrown out.

I had yesterday to do it, and I failed.  I had this afternon and evening to do it, and I failed again.  The fact that there is no tv to distract me is irrelevant.  I spend my time driving around the city looking for a) food, b) a cheap baggage alternative.  Either that, or surfing the internet.  Lame.  But just looking at that room makes me discouraged; I just want to close the door on the mess and check my email. 

Tomorrow will be a great day.  Tomorrow I will accomplish a) emptying the office/guest room, and b) lining up the stuff I want to take with me to China.  It will happen.  It shall be done.  One day more! 

Cleaning service has been scheduled, 2 people, $20/hour.  Carpet cleaners have been scheduled.  Now if only I could find renters…

One thought on “One day more!

  1. our movers are coming tomorrow morning.
    tonight, i have to figure out how to pack my clothes, break down my massive bed, figure out what to do with the bedding, dump all the little things in a box, dump all my toiletries in a tote bag, wrap the rest of the dishes and put them (carefully, carefully!) in a box and then move things away from the wall so i can start filling in holes with spackle.

    less than 24 hours. i will die.
    are you wearing emergency underwear yet?


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