A prayer for the moving.

JP, we’re bored of your exodus blogging.  When are you going to write something interesting?

Starving Students came over today, late.  Earlier they had called my sister to confirm that they were coming in the morning.  No, she said, our appointment is for 2pm.  They show up at 4pm.  One guy has a tatoo of a naked woman with torpido boobs, mounting a swastika.

I subbed three classes today (block schedule).  Easy money.  I snuck off to Piroshky on Broadway, got the corned beef.  Delicious.  Seasoned with fragrant dill.  Beautiful. 

  • Tonight:  Another “Goodbye, JP” party.
  • Tomorrow:  Moving Sale, Part Deux:  Sell Harder.
  • Sunday:  Clear-out Day.  House should be empty of anything not going to China. 
  • Monday:  Subbing during the day; bags must be packed by bed time.
  • Tuesday:  Subbing during the day; cleaning service comes at 3:30.
  • Wednesday:  No subbing (yet); carpet cleaners come at 12:30.
  • Thursday:  Possible subbing.  House should be empty.
  • Friday:  Possible subbing.  Depart for San Francisco for cowsin’s wedding. 

I need to find some renters, and I need to find them now.  Dear God, please send me some good renters.  Amen!

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