Townhouse for Rent!

Here’s the craigslist ad

Some errands to run today:  change the deadbolt, empty the dishwasher, return the Comcast equipment.  Oh, and find the renters. I’m so ready for the renters. 

Last night H and I saw Steven Pinker at Town Hall.  It was interesting.  His schtick is making linguistics and cognitive psych digestible to the popular audience, show them how it’s relevant.  He’s like the ambassador to the land of language scientists. 

I must say that I enjoy his presentation and, of course, the subject matter, although the thesis of his new book seems more and more banal the more I think about it.  Language reflects human thought processes…. do we really need to be convinced of this?  I feel like I can write a book about how Korean food is delicious, include compelling arguements with understandable, engaging language, and go on a book tour. 

I got him to sign my copy, and told him that I thought there was a critical period to the native acquisition of swear words; he agreed! 

One thought on “Townhouse for Rent!

  1. Okay, now that I’ve seen the video and the ad.

    You mention “steel security door” twice (at the beginning of the video and when you show the downstairs entrance), which gives the impression DANGEROUS NEIGHBORHOOD. Mention it once, when you show the door itself.

    You mention location at the end of the video. Do it at the beginning, and say which bus lines it’s on, e.g., “buslines 7, 9 to Capitol Hill and UW.”

    I only saw two bedrooms in the video?

    Get someone (ahem) to link the CL ad on, say, a UW Facebook group or grad student list or something.


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