Way TMI: Move over, Biffy

When I first started Biffy blogging, Dr. B sternly commented that she didn’t want biffy and dinner mentioned in the same paragraph.  Effectively, she was called for digestive apartheit. 

Well, you’ve come a long way, Dr. B, from t.m.intolerance to inquiring about the relationship between butter chicken and the need for a biffy


Well, I was just over at Accidental Hedonist, a wonderful Seattle food blog, reading about a diner’s bill of rights, and the corresponding restaurants’ bill of rights.   A thoughtful, well writen post, as always.  My eyes drifted a few centimeters to the right, and landed on an ad with a a bare naked butt, decorated with a happy face. 

Now I don’t usually click on those ads…. but I couldn’t resist.  What I found was a digital wonderland of butt-cleaning technology.  Take time to explore this website.  It gets better and better. 

When you’re finished watching it, come back and thank me. 

3 thoughts on “Way TMI: Move over, Biffy

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