Some students, I don’t hate.

Sometimes when I call my students on their bs, they ask “why do you hate students? why are you even a teacher?”  Not because they want an answer; teenagers couch their criticizms in the form of a question.  Who knows why; to me it seems like very poor form. 

Anyway, because they ask me a question, I have an opportunity to answer.  I tell them, my policy is to only like people who are likeable.  Which rules out a lot of them. 

Anyway, here’s proof that there are some that I don’t hate all of them; back in 1998-1999, I taught A at that all-boy’s school.  He’s graduated from high school, graduated from college, and is now working in San Francisco, trying to get an acting career together.  We met for breakfast the other day at Cafe Presse. 

Tonight he’s in Turn of the Screw here in San Francisco; I hope I can make it!

UPDATE:  It was a tight show, totally tight. Challenging. Made me feel smart.   Do I enjoy theater now? 

3 thoughts on “Some students, I don’t hate.

  1. How can you NOT like theater? (please note: couched criticism) jk…i’m no teenager!

    My mom said it was good to see you. and she was amazed and impressed that your china plans are indefinite. then she made some brassy comment about that jesuit school you used to spend some time at. oh, she has good ones.

    many thanks to you for being you, for coming to see the show, for liking it(!), and for being one of those teachers that taught me to love learning.


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