C minus 7 days and counting

It is my last Tuesday in Seattle. 

So I’m staying with 小猪 and T$.  Subbing is going fine, I got an easy assignment.   Today I gave an in-class written exam, tomorrow I’m showing a math video.  Thursday, I take them to the library, and then Friday…. not sure, I think it’s math video number two.  Easy money. 

After that I went down to my townhouse and fixed the broken lock; thanks to S, who set it to my key.  Once I had it in the door, it had the same problem the old lock had:  freezing up.  Well, since the new lock had the same problem as the old lock, I had to conclude that I had installed them both wrong.  After an hour of screwing and unscrewing, and screwing and unscrewing, I discovered the problem; the panel was screwed in too tight.  All this time…

Anyway, so the lock works great now, and I stopped at Tweedy and Pop’s to get the key made right, finally.  It was hand cut, rather than automated.  I decided to get all my condo keys copied there too. 

So when I got back to 小猪’s place, guess what, the key didn’t fit.  Grr. 

Went to Insomniac Cafe to check my email.  Those guys are really nice and friendly, and Polaco remembers me every time. 

I picked up dinner at QFC:  a roast chicken, some young asparagus, heirloom tomatoes for an insalata caprese, and some honeycrisp apples. 

I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow evening, dinner afterward.  Thursday is my birthday; Friday there is a karaoke emergency.  Still no renter…

I kind of want one of these

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