Too many “lasts” to count

It’s Saturday; I leave Seattle on Monday.  All the “lasts” are coming at me faster now. 

Yesterday was my last Friday in Seattle.  I went into the office for the last time, hung out, subbed that last class, afterwards went to the Homecoming Assembly for the last time. 

Ah, high school assemblies.  I’m happy to say that the assemblies at that school are orders of magnitude better than when I first started there eight years ago, when the assemblies were atrocity after atrocity.  It’s amazing what the students can accomplish when you a) teach a little theory, and b) expect a little rehearsal c) set a few boundaries.  Now, the events are actually entertainment. 

I spent the last part of the afternoon at 小猪’s place, taking a nap on the couch, trying to get some business taken care of; i.e., transfering the car’s title, calling references on the new renters, etc.   I met some A, la J, and Frau und Herr at Meskel, and Ethiopian restaurant in the Central District, and ate too much lovely Ethiopian food. 

A and I went to pick up the other la J at the airport, and take her home, and then we went to the Karaoke Emergency. 

The place was a lot more crowded that any of us expected; I guess our usual Karaoke Emergencies are on off nights, so we often have the place almost to ourselves.  This was not the case last night.  However, due to my family’s ability to aggressivley colonize empty tables, we had taken over a large part of the lounge by the end of the night. 

Since I was letting others pick my songs for me, I declared I was only singing George Michael songs, which of course were too high when it was my turn to sing, but who cares, I just squeaked them out off key.  My sister and cousin cursed each other with silly songs, and I think I watched my baby sister sing “I Touch Myself.”  Cowsin I was given “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and he kept pronouncing the name “Gina” wrong, he made it rhyme with “vagina.”  Was he doing it on purpose? 

The highlight of the evening was “End of the Road” sung by people I didn’t know, but the whole building was singing it at the top of their lungs.   After that, la S was wondering how anyone could possibly follow such a number, but then she was called up to sing “Eternal Flame” which she rocked; everybody waved open cell phones. 

Another highlight was when the always cheerful la T sang “Goodbye Earl,” prompting G’s friend B to say “that song is kind of dark!”

One surprise:  one of my students from my first year of teaching at that school was at that bar, coincidentally.  He wasn’t one of the gross kids, so I didn’t feel too weirded out by it, but I did think, “yah, maybe I’m leaving this job at just the right time.” 

I said goodbye to everyone and then came back with 小猪 and T$.  T$ made a great grilled cheese sandwich, and 小猪 and I played some Wii until we got too tired.

Today I have to meet with the renters, go to Cowsin C’s place and say goodbye to them and Auntie R.  Tomorrow I’ll go to mass and say goodbye to more people, and then…. that’s about it.  I leave for San Francisco on Monday afternoon; the next day I’m on a plane to Shanghai. 

My sister is on the phone now, looking at some brunch gift certificates that I was given by a student a few years ago.  They are expired by more than a couple years, but I think they are going to honor them. 

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