What’s going on?

I’ve had most of today to blog, but wordpress hasn’t been itself lately.  For a while the site seemed to be blocked.  Anyway, it seems to be back to normal now. 

First of all, here are some photos from Wednesday 3 October, that I thought I had lost. 

They seem to have magically reappeared on my picasa.  T, K and G took me out for Greek food. 

The next set of photos are from the weekend’s karaoke emergency, which both la A and I found to be thumbs up. 

I spent the rest of the weekend packing my bags, getting everything set.  H, in the meantime, dedicated herself to crocheting a sweater and scarf for my Winnie the Pooh, lest his upper body be cold during Shanghai’s tropical winters.  Still no pants, though.  That bear is older than she is.

On Monday morning, H took me to the airport, here’s a portrait with all my stuff: 

The next picture was taken at security, we may have already started crying by then.  She started it.  At one point, I wanted her to just go, so I could cry for real, but there’s no crying at security.  Once I was clear, I cried my way to the gate. 

The flight to SFO was mercifully short.  Uncle R, auntie R, and auntie L were there to meet me at baggage claim.  We noticed that one of my orange bags was open, and another was ripping.  The orange bag plan was a good effort, but wasn’t working.  My aunties were a little annoyed when I told them they were just dollar store laundry bags. 

 So uncle R (who wouldn’t let me pay for anything, by the way) said he had a suitcase I could use.  It was one of the ol’ Samsonite suitcases that the gorillas jumped on in the commercial.  He went to clean it out, and found this shirt inside:

It is both hillarious that a) somebody went to the trouble of designing this hand-lettered gem, and then b) that people wore it.  Glass of 73!  It may very well be the OHS class shirt.  Sexy!  Somehow, it was passed down to little cowsin J, who was born… when, 1976?

I have been working on this post for hours, trying to get it to work, but wordpress has been fighting me every step of the way.  Now I will write about my baggage drama for the third time, and this time I hope it doesn’t disappear. 

Ok, so the flight was uneventful.  I read Harry Potter, el misterio del principe when the video broke down.  I much prefer to fly Asiana over United. 

Customs and immigration was a breeze.  I took all my bags off the conveyor belt and took a picture: 

That’s everything, right?  Well, just about….

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