For the cat.

So for some reason, wordpress is working for me now. Just a half an hour ago, I was not able to reach the “write post” page of this very blog.  I was, however, able to easily access all of my blogspot blogs, all of which were totally blocked when I was in Hangzhou this summer.  I hope that wordpress turns out to be reliable in the long run for me over here, seeing as how I switched over and all….

I was also thinking of starting another blog, a private blog, and use it to keep track of my ideas in the office.  We’ll see… the blog platform would be almost perfect for what I want to do, but if I can’t always access it from China, then what’s the point, right? 

So I’ve found an apartment.  It’s on the third floor of a 3-story walk up.  The bedroom(s) are upstairs, along with a lot of storage space.  The complex is definitely not a modern high rise for foreigners…. it’s a dense little development on the interior of a city block.  As I said before, the furniture is worn, but I’m gonna be ok.  It’s even close enough to work to go home during lunch, although, I doubt I’ll keep a lot of food there. 

Yesterday L and I went into the studio to try to do a couple of shows.  It went… em… as Frau says, “The first pancake is for the cat.”  It wasn’t terrible or demoralizing or anything, and L is wonderful, but our first effort in the studio…. it’s for the cat.  Let’s just say, there were plenty of laughs.  We’ll get better, it just takes some getting used to.

Afterwards, I went to the same restaurant I’ve been to all week for dinner.  I ordered what the laoban suggested, about which I wasn’t exactly crystal clear when she said it, but I new it was pork.  It ended up being salt and pepper pork tiao.  When applied to meat, the word “tiao” means a a slice the shape of a cigarette.  Fatter than a julienne; one step before small cubes.  Anyway, it was good, but not so filling, so on the way back to the hotel (one block) I stopped for a xianr bing.

I crashed at about 10:00 pm, which I know is too early, but I was exhausted.  And that’s why I’m up at 5:00 in the morning, blogging for your enjoyment.   

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