Get it in while I can

I have seen a lot of crazy stuff this week, I don’t even know where to start. There is one English channel on my tv (and 50 Chinese channels).  The one English channel is totally government, so not much programming, and party line news stories.  My favorite, though, is the commercial about the tea pillow. You like tea?  You like pillows?  Imagine the two traditions merging in a new technology…. the Tea Pillow!

On another channel, I saw a guy trying to break a record:  seeing how many apples he can split with his bare hands in a 60 seconds.  The apples looked good and fresh, too.  They had a French accountant count the broken apples; he was three short of the record. 

So the communist party’s congress is going on now in Beijing, and wordpress has been in and out.  Coincidence?  Who am I to say. 

I had 20 boiled dumplings for dinner.  I stopped the guy from putting any soysauce in my sawsawan.  Result:  delicious dumplings that tasted like dumplings, with a little hot sauce.  8 kuai, a little more than a dollar.  Hmm, next time I’ll just order 15…

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