Saturday? Daaaaaamit!

So I asked about internet and drinking water today. For internet, I’ll have to wait until Saturday, take a cab to some office, and go through who knows how much red tape to get a cable modem.  You know there’s red tape when they want to see your passport. 

C set me up with a water guy, and I wanted the big machine, since there’s no counter top available toput the countertop model on.  I’m not crystal clear on why it’s so expensive, but we’ll see.  I probably only need one five gallon jug a week, right?

I’m working on setting my place up, slowly.  I need shelf paper. 

Tonight for dinner I had 15 boiled jiao zi, stuffed with lamb, tossed with crushed garlic and dipped in hot sauce.  6 kuai…. USD 80 cents. 

I’m all set for breakfast tomorrow: canadian bacon and eggs. 

There’s more to write, but I’m exhausted. 

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