Thank God It’s Friday

Just a quick note:  sorry I haven’t been posting lately.  Haven’t been able to steal internet from the neighbors.

I’ve finished reading Harry Potter:  Deathly Hollows; I will need to find some other form of entertainment now.  Luckily tomorrow I’m going to get my cable modem.

Last night went to trivia in Jinqiao; my team won again, and I collected 100 kuai, which seems silly since a) I didn’t pay in, and b) I didn’t have one correct answer.  I cabbed all the way back home when someone told me the subway was closed (it wasn’t).

Tonight I’m going to Ikea for some more hangers, flower pots, lamps, and maybe dishes that aren’t gross, and then trying to finally unpack the rest of my suitcases so my ayi can clean my shirts.   Tomorrow I’ll go to Carrefour, and then afterward, maybe look at guitars.

This morning I wanted a steamed pork humbao from the guy around the corner, but when I got there, the guy in front of me got something that looked even more porky.  I ordered three of those, and asked the lady behind me what they were called (xiao1 mai4).  I discovered on the way to work that they were not pork at all, but sticky brown rice.

Ok, time to punch the clock!

3 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday

  1. My cultural assumptions are challenged by the fact that you have Ikea in China. Currently I’m at the “huh” point: not sure if I’ll get to the point where I can form an opinion of it (as compared to my position on, say, McDonalds in China).


  2. Shaomai (烧卖) rule! There were a few months earlier this day where they were my breakfast every single weekday. They rice is flavored with pork and mushrooms…


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