I just paid for an hour.

So I’m sitting in an internet cafe, blogging. I’m in a row of about 40 computers with flat, wide screen monitors and head phones. There are about ten rows of these. A small dog just ran under my chair. The other customers are either watching movies or playing games.  It’s 9:20 am. 

This morning I got up early to go rent my modem.  I had to get cash first, because I need to take 2000 kuai to rent the modem, just to make sure I’ve got it all covered.  The first cash machine gave me NSF, so did the second… so I walked up to Jinling Rd, where I knew there were internet cafes to see what the heck is going on with my bank account. 

Whoops, I transfered the money into the wrong account.  No wonder the cash machines were telling me NSF, I was NSF.  All fixed. 

So now I’m going to get cash, finally, and then hop in a cab to try to rent a modem.  Sigh.

This internet cafe is a trip.  The interface is in Chinese, of course, and I think as I was clicking through, I think I told it to remember my email password.  Oops.  So I’ll post this entry, figgure out how to make the computer forget my password, and I’m on my way.  Hopefully I’ll write my next post from my living room.  Btw, youtube is still blocked, so no video yet. 

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