2007 Haiku Festival

 Welcome everyone to the second annual Haiku/Senryuu eFestival!

Last year’s Haiku Festival was a lot of fun.  This year, I’ve decided to do it in autumn.  Because I forgot to do it in the spring.  After this year’s Limerick Festival, I think I’ll put a Rated-R ceiling on the entries.  As always, NC-17 haiku may be sent to my email (snicker, snicker) but please post the rest of your entries and comments in the comments section. 

Haiku and senryuu, of course have the same three-line formal structure: five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second, and five syllables in the last line. I like to have one line (doesn’t matter which one) that has an imperfection of plus-or-minus one syllable, just because imperfection is tragic, and tragic is beautiful. So I’d live to see your 5-8-5s, your 5-7-4s, your 6-7-5s…. whatever, as long as it’s only one imperfection. Perfect 5-7-5s will be accepted as well, but they are a little obvious, don’t you think?

Of course, free form haiku are welcome as well; heavy on the imagery, as stingy as possible when it comes to the syllable count.

As you know, the haiku form is related to seasons and nature. Senryuu, while sharing the same formal properties of haiku, are supposed to be funny. They can be witty political satire, golf-clappy high brow social commentary, or a juicy fart joke.

Contributors (you) who wish to be considered for the coveted eCherry Blossom awards must submit thieir entries by midnight (zulu) Sunday, November 18th. 

Post your haiku and senryuu in the comments section of this post, and tell all your friends. Don’t forget to title your poems!

Here’s one from last year to start us off, by Spiritrover, called “Pinky Spring:”

“Skip and go naked,”
says a Portland sunny day;
“Stop that,” says my wife.

Ok folks!  Start counting syllables! 

30 thoughts on “2007 Haiku Festival

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  2. Well I’m letting my daughter do this one because she spits them out at me all the time (she pronounces ‘families’ as ‘famlies’ I think that’s my Texan fault, maybe not – her Michigander dad says it that way too…):

    Flowers so beautiful
    Famlies going on picnics
    Beautiful Springtime

    I guess this works since you forgot to do it in springtime!


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  4. Time to make dinner.
    I think I’ll make some meatballs.
    How long do those cook?


  5. One boring day at work, my friends and I did some haiku about food …

    Yummy Jellybean
    Sugar coated Paradise
    My heavenly treat

    I love chocolate
    It makes me oh so happy
    I eat it all day

    Bourbon and ginger
    I like peanut butter pie
    Cheeseburger French fries

    Ice cream is so good
    It gives me a sugar rush
    I eat it cold. Brrr!


  6. The idea is that Japanese syllables are shorter than English syllables, so the 5-7-5 structure totaling in 17 syllables really should be about 9-11 syllables in English. These first two, senryu, have the 17 syllables, but others vary.

    In the highness of
    my el-camino, there is
    no word for loser

    Today I will write
    a poem about waiting
    until tomorrow

    Rocky Balboa
    fights yet again:
    This time, it’s for real.


    A sliver of light
    turning the corner

    Summer rain:
    Starlings gathering
    in the road.

    Above my head
    a bird in a tree
    waits for night.

    watching the rain
    as it misses a single
    blade of grass.

    Early Spring snow:
    Mule deer in the orchard
    still eating grass.

    I would rather
    listen to this wind all night
    than go to sleep.

    The full moon slips
    beneath the horizon:
    time to sow the fields

    a bird lands
    on a small branch
    learning to balance


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  9. News from my little corner of the kitchen…

    Stumbling sideways
    Cast away and dizzy
    Morphine does that.

    Surgery by robots?
    I recommend the doctor
    Who looks so excited.

    Recovery is slow.
    The doctor suggests glibly:
    Take a week off work.

    “Size of baby’s head!”
    He says in broken English.
    Enough about that.


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  11. The hot dog’s thud off a hallway’s walls

    Why does he not laugh?
    The anger builds inside him
    It’s funnier now

    Last Friday Night

    “Lick you up and down”
    Hot dykes go crazy at Bush
    Karaoke King

    Winnie, not Porky

    The wind grows colder
    Only a sweater and scarf
    Get some pants, man.


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