My new place! (video)

Looking for the Haiku Festival?  Click here! 

And here, finally, is the video of my new apartment here in Shanghai.  Sorry about the breakfast dishes, and the pants hanging on the dining room chairs.  Enjoy! 

One thought on “My new place! (video)

  1. How cool! I would love to see more films like this of people’s spaces. It’s kind of like the international what are you eating this week photo project or the fridge photos. But I would *never* feel comfortable filming my own space and putting it out there for you– sorry!

    Your apartment seems very spacious for a big city– would it typically be rented by one person or by a family?

    I like that it is on two levels. And I’d love more street shots, or “here’s what I see outside my window.”– whether at work or home. I guess maybe not at home- that’s probably not recommended safest procedure….

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Very, very neat.


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