Beating the GFW

Above is my latest attempt at chicken adobo, with the luxury of bay leaf.  It was good, but I wish I could have cooked it slower (my stove’s settings are hot and screaming hot).  As you can see, my rice mix comes out purple.

Thanks to John B., I’ve installed a little script that gets me past the Great Firewall of China. So now I don’t have to go through my secret internet backdoor to blog anymore. Hooray!  One funny thing is that now for some reason I can see black lines dividing each section of my right-hand margin, and each black line ends in a little black flower.  Lovely.  I would remove it, but I don’t want to upgrade (i.e., pay) so I’m just going to have little black flowers on my blog, I guess.

I think it’s Thanksgiving week this week. I think my friends and I are going to go to a hotel Thanksgiving.

Last night we went to a Japanese all-you-can-eat/drink restaurant to celebrate three birthdays and E’s last day of work.  The food and booze just kept coming.  Afterwards, we went to a club called JZ, which is a jazz club during the week (?) but last night there was a Cuban orchestra that was AWESOME.  When we got in an sat down, the band had just finished a song, and then the singer asked for requests, so I yelled ¡un guaguanco!, which is a rhythm that takes a lot of mastery for the drummers.  They totally played one, and it was JAM.  I wish I directed a Cuban orchestra!  If the podcasting thing doesn’t work out, I want to be a salsero.   Between sets, they had a guitar trio come in and sing a set; they were awesome, and I think L said they were all three from Hong Kong.  There were Chinese guys in the orchestra, too, but the ethnic mix wasn’t striking at all; actually it reminded me of Seattle.  Anyway, they all had that serious “gigging musicians” look to them, which was more striking than their ethnicities.

My ayi (cleaning lady) was just here, and because it’s raining outside, she made a clothes rack out of two dining room chairs and a pole, and folded up the drying rack that I had bought from Ikea and put it away.  She laughed today when I came back from the veggie shop with a total of two cucumbers (“That’s not enough!”) and then offered to prepare them for me before she left.  Did I want dress them or stir fry them?  I told her I’d prepare them myself, but I didn’t tell her I was just going to chop them up and eat them like that because I’m sure she would have been horrified.

On Monday, SpanishPod launches.  I’ve got all my eggs in one basket here, so I’m really hoping it will big a big, huge success.

2 thoughts on “Beating the GFW

  1. Why does your chicken adobo look like Wing Zone? My chicken adobo looks like Pig Iron pulled pork because I use bonless skinless thighs (because of the whole wellness program diet). It just falls apart when it’s done. I love purple rice, and it is more healthy too.


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