Arr! I’m a pirate!

The landlord left me two tvs, and I have plenty of channels, but the one channel that’s not in Chinese is totally government propaganda.  I need entertainment.

Pirate DVDs are all over the place, all under a dollar fifty.  But it’s kind of a chore to go out, sort through the stacks, and then realize there’s nothing I want to see.

So now I’m pirating tv shows over the internet.  Arr!  Victimizing the poor, millionaire network executives.

So far, I’ve downloaded Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock, and SNL (Brian Williams was hilarious!).  Any other suggestions? I’m going to get Man vs. Wild, because that guy is crazy.

You should know, I hate reality tv.  Also, I grow resentful of shows where there are no brown faces in the cast within a matter of seconds.

2 thoughts on “Arr! I’m a pirate!

  1. There are no brown people in Man vs. Wild. Unless Bear gets a tan when he’s stranded on a deserted island.

    You should get into Heroes and Lost. Those are my favorites.



  2. i’m still waiting for the competitive dating show where a brown girl makes it past the first round.
    i guess ‘reality’ ain’t ready for interracial dating, even though a significant portion of the country already dates outside of their ethnic group.
    (yes, this is my pet peeve.)


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