Links!? Who links anymore?

Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted any links, because I’ve been totally absorbed in my own totally absorbing life. But here are three things that are link-worthy….

  1. This latest post by Laowai Chinese encourages second language learners to celebrate their mistakes. When I read this post, I want to high five someone, and I am NOT an easy man to get a high five from. The old axiom “learn from your mistakes” is an imperative in language learning. My friend E recalled that the Chinese words he knows best are the ones that are “idiot-learned;” i.e., learned as a result of making a mistake. I thought this insight was so good, I made a video about it (warning: it’s an earlier work… that is to say, boring). You want to get a target language structure down cold? Screw it up!
  2. The wise and generous Ken Carroll has become an instant mentor to L and me. The man is constantly thinking about how to make language education better, especially through technology. Now, I’m an instinct guy, I believe that all you have to do is flip your language instinct switch and then sit back and let language fall into your lap. The challenge, then, is figuring out how to flip that switch, and Ken and I both agree that the traditional classroom is a terrible place to do it.
  3. And then there was SpanishPod. Don’t you love SpanishPod? Right now, our publication schedule is newbie-loaded, but as we begin to out-grow our hatchling feathers and start cranking out the higher levels, you’re going to see this site get better and better. We publish a new lesson every day, and it’s always free to listen! If you like SpanishPod, please consider doing some nice things like linking to our page, adding the widget (coming soon) or even becoming a paid subscriber!
  4. Cowsin Mikey cooked and carved the Thanksgiving turkey this year back in Olympia. I’m so proud of him, and I wish I could have been there!

Finally, here’s a picture of ChinesePod‘s own John Pasden, of Sinosplice fame.  Of course, that’s not his kid.  Hey John, that’s not your baby!  Get your own baby!



2 thoughts on “Links!? Who links anymore?

  1. Thanks for the props. I think I’m going to brine the Christmas bird.

    When I’m on my way to Denver this weekend, I’m going to SpanishPod like crazy.


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