I might move again.

I am desperately trying to put a SpanishPod widget in my own sidebar, wordpress isn’t letting me. There’s also the issue of the fact that this blog cannot be read in China without playing some silly cat-and-mouse games. I just might move this blog again. Help me think of a domain name?

I am broke as a joke until payday, since I’ve paid four months rent, deposit on ADSL, deposit on a year’s worth of water plus a big stand-alone dispenser, a big old mandatory government medical check-up… Grr. So I’m missing trivia again tonight.

I’ve been desperately trying to get people to listen to SpanishPod, trying to leave links everywhere, doing everything to raise our site’s profile, to help give us a kick start. If you listen to SpanishPod and enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider linking to it, adding a widget, adding the application to your Facebook profile, or even joining the Facebook group. There’s a guestmap, even; God help us.

Here: I’ll try to paste in the widget; watch wordpress block it.

Learn Spanish on Your Terms at SpanishPod.com

See? What did I tell you….

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