Six kuai 小笼包

From What I’m Eating

Do you see the steam rising from my 小笼包? Oh yes, xiǎo lóng bāo. Shanghainese soup dumplings.

We call ’em soup dumplings because there’s soup inside. Ground pork, swimming in soup. These are 3 kuai for a basket of eight; I had two baskets and that was my lunch today. Dip them in crushed chiles and vinegar.

This place is right next to 山东水饺 over on 合肥路. Blocks from my house.

Here’s some bad news: explore shanghai has retired its city map . Of course, I’m tricky and was able to find it again. I liked to use explore shanghai because I could get a street’s name in hanzi. Sigh. The good news is that they’ve already come up with a metro 2008 map, and it looks like I will get a station that’s even closer to my house: Laoximen on Line 8.

Meanwhile, my friends in Jinqiao will be getting Line 6, meaning an even shorter cab ride between their place and the station! Woo hoo!

UPDATEWangjianshuo’s future lines map show that there will be three more lines running through this neighborhood, the 8, the 9, and the 10.   Line 9 has a stop called 马当路站。 Very promising!

Now since I walk to work, is that really going to make my life easier?  Or will it just drive up my rent?  Will I even still be here when those lines open?  Time will tell!

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