I’m not going hungry

Here’s my beef chow mein from a sidewalk kitchen we like to call “Filthy Delicious.”

Here’s the rice menu on the wall at the noodle and rice place down the street. I know what most of the menu means, but I probably shouldn’t pronounce anything for you.

This is the menu at the 小笼包 place I like so much. The have two kinds of soup dumplings (8 for 3 kuai) and then one kind of soup: duck blood cubes with thin noodles (5 kuai per bowl).

And these, of course are those spicey meat pastries I like so much. They’re fried, and they’re only 1.7 kuai. I thought I was taking a picture of the name of the pastry, but no, the characters say something like “pay here.”

Finally, here’s a video of the making of 煎饼(jiān bing, the crunchy, eggy crèpe served for breakfast). In the video I said it was plum sauce, but it actually might be a soy paste used to flavor the inside. These babies are crunchy and delicate and delicious, and must be eaten within seconds of getting put in your hand, lest they get soggy. I usually order it with two eggs. Also, the shredded cabbage might actually be pickled.

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