I could teach her Spanish.

Edwin over at Tower of Confusion posted this video of Ellen in a Spanish class.

Now I like Ellen, and I wish I could say that her distracting clowning behavior was original, but the truth is, almost every class I taught had a clown whose job it was to get laughs from an audience.

I bet Oprah would be a better student.

3 thoughts on “I could teach her Spanish.

  1. Hi!

    I’m from Spain. I work as a teacher of Spanish, and think you’re all doing a terrific job in SpanishPod. I like listening to it in order to get some ideas for my classes.



  2. This video reminds me of a time when you were in pre-school and you told me you wanted to bring an apple for your teacher. So with a beautiful apple in your hands you sat at the back seat of the car while I drove you to school. When we got to the school, you went straight to your teacher and proudly presented her the beautiful golden delicious apple. She said, “How nice, thank you very much!” Then she said kindly, “Oh, you took a bite out of my apple!” “I was hungry.” JP, I always made sure you ate breakfast before you went to school!


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