Trumpet practice

So the neighbor is practicing a trumpet next door.  Nice, round, classical tone, obviously reads notes, flies through some sixteenth note passages.  Obviously an adult.  Some timing issues that I wouldn’t let slide, but I guess it’s just practice.

The one thing I’ve noticed about neighbors who practice instruments (this goes for piano kid across the way as well) is that they’re not very committed to the Major scale.  I mean, they do them to warm up, and the first time, they’ll be right, but they’ll miss different notes on the way up or down.  So it goes “do, re, mi, fley, schmoo, lech….”  Oh my god, stop playing!  I think.  But no, they keep going up and down, up and down, sometimes in the scale, sometimes out of key, doesn’t matter, they keep going.

Is it some odd eastern pedagogy that I don’t know about to play the wrong notes in a scale?   Are they not conditioned to the Major scale, to the point where missing an interval is irritating?  Are they trying to make that sound?  Do they not hear themselves and think “that is not music?”

One thought on “Trumpet practice

  1. We have a neighbor upstairs who practices the french horn. When we moved in, he was working on the last bit in the 1812 Overture (the part that sounds like La Marseillaise). For days we couldn’t figure out what he was playing until it hit me when i was unpacking a box – and then we would lalala the parts he wasn’t playing, then he’d play his part, we’d lalala and that was our little neighbor duet with the guy upstairs.

    Now he’s working on something modern and I can’t stand it.


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