27 December Notes

  • Mama  had  some scary chest pains, it was just acid reflux, thank God.  However, I’ve decided that this is the first last Christmas I can spend without family.  It’s not that I had a bad time, or was depressed or anything, but I realized that the number of Christmases we have together are numbered.
  • My money finally made it back to the US.  Checks are in the mail.
  • I ordered new jugs of water.  I ask C to call them and have them deliver the prepaid jugs on the morning of Christmas Day.  I waited until 12:30pm and then left the house.  When I came back home around 11:00, there were two water jugs waiting outside my door.  So at least I have water, and they didn’t take any tickets.  However, 1) I wasted all morning waiting for them, 2) I didn’t get to show them the broken dispenser.  Sigh.
  • My fridge is making a lot of noise now, which is silly since it’s a) mostly empty, and b) cold in that room (I only heat the living room on weekeends).
  • Some things I’d like to buy myself:
    • A plasma TV and DVD player.  Everybody’s got one here. I’m paying for a living room, I need a reason to use it.  I have two TVs now (belong to landlord) and I don’t watch them because the government station is wretched.  I watch dvds on my laptop, which is great, but I’m not in college anymore, right?
    • A digital piano.
    • Some  corduroy jackets, maybe black and dark brown.  Fitted, of course.
    • Some respectable dress pants
    • A barong tagalog for my cowsin’s wedding
    • A phone that’s less broken than mine
  • Here are somethins want, but am NOT going to buy:
    • a steel-string or electric guitar
    • a microwave (no space)
    • a “toaster” oven
    • an iPhone
    • plates

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