Yah, I’ll be right down there

So my money finally arrived in Seattle.  Thank goodness.  It was only a couple of days, and over Christmas even, so really it did not take that long at all.  So remember all that shaking your finger at me, and telling me “你听我说!”  and all that other bullshit about needing a swift code or the transaction would take a long time?  Shove it up your ass, wire transfer lady, it worked better the way I told you in the frakking first place.  You should have seen her shrieking about the damn swift code.

So anyway, they did it a second time, and this time they did it my way, and it happened quickly.  However, Bank of America charged them a $25 fee (or so they claim) for the transaction that didn’t happen.  So CMB is trying to pass that on to me and make me pay for the mistake that they insisted on making.  The lady actually called my office, and asked if I could come down today.  And as a bonus, I wouldn’t have to wait in line, I could cut right to the front, and then they could close their books on 2007.

I asked C to tell her to wait until next week.   Because I don’t give a shit about their books.  Period.

I told C that if they wanted it faster, they could come to my house, sit on the couch for two hours waiting for the number to be called, and then go home home frustrated because the 4:30 deadline had passed, show up the next day, another two hours, go to the window, get a form, go to the desk, I will stare at the form for a solid 10 minutes, then give her a stamp.

C said she thought that would be a good procedure.


So today was Saturday, but the entire country went to work.  Because New Year’s Day falls on a Tuesday, they’ve given the People Monday and Tuesday off, but that Monday had to be made up today, Saturday.  You know, so they remain efficient and productive.  Because this country is efficient and productive?  Did I tell you it took me two months to transfer a few USD, and that I took easily 8 hours off the job to accomplish it?

Anyway, we all went to work… except electronic banking didn’t seem to be working, because it’s a Saturday.   So everybody works except the computers that move money.  What a joke.

I was talking to D the sound engineer, and I told him that if the American government ever tried to tell the American people to work on a Saturday, that we would run down the streets breaking windows and setting things on fire.  You know it’s true.  D smiled and said, “maybe I should try that here.”

Immediately my mind flashed to images of tanks mowing down students and my friend toiling in a labor camp, and I thought, maybe I shouldn’t have told him that.

4 thoughts on “Yah, I’ll be right down there

  1. I like it when things piss you off, JP. Because then we’re treated to a highly entertaining recap of the lunacy. You should have a wire-transfer theme party and have your friends sit around drinking while waiting for you to call their numbers or send them home for the night.


  2. I agree with Orange. The whole bank wire transfer episode(s) made me want to throttle somebody, but it does make for highly entertaining writing! Still chuckling..


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