I’ve made a lot of resolutions in the past few years.  Learn the guitar; learn Chinese; publish my music, write a stand-up comedy set; all kinds of stuff.  Not sure what this year’s project is going to be.  Maybe save money.  Dress better, now that I’m not in Seattle.  Who knows.

I’ll tell you what happened in 2007:  diagnosed with diabetes, study abroad in China, quit my teaching job and moved to Shanghai, changed my accent in Spanish (from a passable coastal accent to a bad s-pronouncing one)…

John B is starting a running program… it looks like a good plan; if I were still in Seattle living next to the Franklin high school track, I might do the plan myself… but I’m not, so I won’t.

Instead, I think I’m going to schedule a recital with Hamburguesa.  I hope I get a proper teacher soon, otherwise my set is going to be Time After Time, Manila, I’m a Old Cowhand, and Whenever, Wherever, Whatever as an encore.

So I’m starting a new blog, a professional blog, and it’s totally not ready to go yet, I have to work on making it look right, and then have to come up with some language acquisition stuff to pontificate about.  Check it out when you get a chance; it’s called Fluency.

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