Typical Sunday

So nothing earth shattering in this video, but here it is:

I’m actually pretty bored at the moment.  Nothing on the internet to see.  I’ve got a backlog of DVDs and pirated downloads to watch that I’m not that interested in… no books I care to read.  Already ate.  I would rather just sit quietly and breathe than watch state TV.

I was hoping to take five leave days in February, but because of some… grr… I’m having to take eight days of leave.  Grr.

So Chinese people have this concept of ‘face’ and ‘shame,’ and I get it, I totally get it, I don’t need any guidebooks or experts to explain that to me, I’m asian myself.  What is fascinating to me is that Chinese people seem to have no “embarrassed.” which is “shame + audience.”

One thought on “Typical Sunday

  1. I love the writing, but I have to say, the vlog is a whole other kettle of giggles. How else to express the feel of a good foot massage? The food pictures totally make me hungry.


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